Happy Promotional Centre, Kenya

Sales of wall pieces are contributing to a fund to build a new school in a slum in the informal settlement of Mukuru Kwa Ruben in Nairobi. 

So far we have helped purchase land and in August 2015 a two roomed structure was built by the University of Tokyo. We are hoping that over the next 4-5 years we will be able to turn these two rooms into a two storey, eight roomed school with a daycare centre. 

Below you can see the images of the shack where slum dweller Joseph Muendo first started the school 5 years ago and the drawings that the University of Tokyo have provided for the building we hope to create for him and the community of Mukuru.

To read more of our story please see our blog posts:

If you are able to help us in fundraising we'd be very grateful for any contributions. We are in the process of finalising a contract on a new piece of land (Aug16) and hope to be able to add our first new room later this year. 

Any support, no matter the size, is very welcome. As well as trying to build the school we want to ensure the teachers are properly trained to ensure a high quality education is given to the children, we need text books, solar panels, mattresses for toddlers to sleep on during the day and we'd love to start a porridge programme. 


With thanks from Steph, Joseph and the Happy Promotional Centre team