Stephanie is a London based jeweller and three dimensional wall artist. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery from Loughborough College of Art and Design in 1996 and has continued to practice ever since.

Steph in the studio

She is based at Cockpit Arts, a creative hub of over 100 designer/makers.

Stephanie's jewellery is focused around clean lines and a twist on simple geometry.  Collections are predominantly in silver, often with contrasting details in wood, gold leaf or oxidisation. She also welcomes commissions and can work with you to design your special piece of jewellery. 

Stephanie's art has a similar design ethos to her jewellery but aims to stimulate positive dialogue on the issue of informal settlements/slums worldwide, an increasing issue as the world becomes more urbanised.

Informed by the work of the international development charity IIED with whom she has worked over the last ten years, bringing to the attention of policy makers and other stakeholders, the innovative projects carried out by those living and working in extreme poverty. 
Reclaimed wooden cubes are joined in a landscape of repetitive slum rooftops. This simple geometry is only interrupted by a scattering of handmade silver children playing amongst them. Gold leaf, newspaper and white paint on occasional rooftops represent aspects of the lives of the residents, the wealth generated in the informal economy, the levels of education and cleanliness achievable in these settlements where life seems so full of poverty and chaos.